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If you are towing a caravan or trailer at the time you break down or have an accident we will recover both the vehicle and the caravan or trailer to the nearest suitable garage where you have repairs made at your own cost.


This service is provided free of charge for caravans or trailers which have been used and maintained in line with the manufacturer's recommendations, Being no more than 3 metres in height, 8 metres in length, and 2.55 metres in width.


SpannerTowing Advice


Before you set off make sure you understand the towing regulations for the country you are towing in, have the right driving licence and know your car's maximum tow weight.

SpannerDo a basic safety check


Make sure your caravan or trailer is properly serviced and fit to be on the road. This is especially important if it’s left standing for most of the year. (Your breakdown cover may be affected if it is not).


Before you set off, check that the lights work properly and aren’t damaged, tyre pressure is correct and all the tyres are in good condition (they can quickly deteriorate if not properly maintained), and coupling is secure, level and at the right height. If your caravan has a coupling with internal friction pads, make sure that the towball is clean, dry and free of grease.


Finally, always check that you have attached the trailer or caravan securely to the vehicle and that weight is distributed as advised by the manufacturer.

SpannerFit a breakaway cable

A breakaway cable is a thin cable that will pull on the brakes of a braked trailer. On an unbraked trailer, use a short strong cable or chain to keep the trailer attached to your car. The cable will prevent the nose of the trailer from touching the ground if it’s separated from the car.

SpannerTake an emergency kit

Just in case you break down, it's a good idea to carry:

  • a mobile phone
  • a warning triangle or flashing light
  • jump leads
  • a torch
  • a warm jacket
  • membership details for your breakdown and recovery service

SpannerDrive with extra care

Remember that when towing a loaded caravan, horsebox or trailer:

  • you'll be slower moving off
  • it will take longer to slow down and stop
  • it will be difficult driving around sharp bends

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